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UBK Racing
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UBK Racing

About us

Team UBKracing was officially established in November 2020. In our first season together in 2021, we celebrated the title of Czech champion in the most crowded category ROK GP. We work closely with the Czech manufacturer of karting equipment, MS KART. This guarantees us favourable prices for the equipment (karts, spare parts, etc.) and also support during the race weekends. MS KART s.r.o. is not only a Czech manufacturer of racing kart chassis, but also has its own rating team. Its founder is the successful kart driver Milan Šimák, who builds on his many years of experience in karting, where he has been active since 1968.

So, the background is provided to us by the most modern race track in Pilsen, the KartArena Plzeň. The Pilsen indoor racetrack meets the most stringent requirements for track safety, which comply with strict European standards and regulations. Its parameters place it among the highest quality and safest tracks in Europe.

Kart races arouse many emotions in drivers, parents and spectators. Children learn to win, but also to accept defeat. In this way, children learn to overcome their fears and develop healthy rivalries. 

The UBKracing team, led by chief mechanic Lukas Folk, will compete in the 2022 season newly with 5 riders in the categories BABY 60, MINI 60, ROK Junior, ROK GP, ROK Expert.

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